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Cool Vancouver Beer Guide

I saw a really cool visual beer guide posted by the still honourable Rick Green on Twitter today. It is called Dave’s Vancouver Beer Guide 2010 and it is posted at a site called Foodists, which looks pretty cool itself. The guide is a giant image showing the Canadian beers available in BC. It also traces the chain of ownership of national brand beers.  If you are new to the Vancouver beer scene and also a visual learner, then this guide will do wonders for you.  Click on the image to see it full size.



Colbert can suck an R&B Icehole Lager

Stephen Colbert hates Canada, sucks Icehole

Stephen Colbert hates Canada, sucks Icehole

You may recall the controversy created by Canada’s decision to restrict access to Olympic venues for foreign athletes.  You may also recall Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the decision.  If you don’t, read up on how he called us a bunch of “Canadian Iceholes” here. What does this have to do with anything?  Well, I have it on good authority that Vancouver’s own R&B brewing, in direct response to Colbert’s comments, has brewed a new beer called Icehole Lager.  I’ve also heard that R&B are sending Colbert a few cases and that he’s been invited to suck on an Icehole.  I suspect that Colbert may even mention the beer on his show.  In my opinion, this is brilliant non-Olympic Olympic marketing by R&B.  Well played sirs.

I think we all know that Colbert was mostly kidding and I’m sure he’ll be able to appropriate the humor in and enjoy Icehole Lager.  Colbert, best of luck to your speedskating team (he sponsors them).  Just kidding, I hope they all lose to Canadians.



Stone Brewing soon to be available in BC

Last week I speculated that the attendance of Greg Koch, co-founder and CEO of Stone Brewing, at Vancouver’s Beer Wars Screening this Sunday might mean that Stone‘s beers were soon to be available in BC.  Today, I can proudly announce that I was correct in my speculation.  I laid eyes on the order form that confirms the arrival of Ruination IPA, Levitation Ale, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Smoked Porter and others.  We, the thirsty beer enthusiasts of BC, will be able to purchase these beers from Brewery Creek and other fine beer stores early next week.  I’ll be heading straight to the store as soon as I get the word and you’d best be staying out of my way, elbows could fly.




refuelI went to the reincarnation of Fuel yesterday, now known as Refuel. This Vancouver establishment is well known amongst locals for serving quality local cuisine matched with an impressive beer and wine menu. I was beginning to tire of recommending Fuel/Refuel based solely on other’s opinions – I have read so many great reviews that I felt almost as if I had actually eaten there and was comfortable enough to recommend Refuel to some of my food loving friends with an interest in craft beer. Now that I have actually visited Refuel I am pleased to say that my recommendation still stands.

Fuel started out serving locally sourced food to hungry Vancouverites a number of years ago and quickly became a local favourite. Following the recent economic recession, Fuel began to realized that their customers would appreciate the same great food but at a more wallet friendly price. Fuel closed down and re-launched as the more affordable Refuel; the food may be slightly less “sophisticated”, but still delicious, which aside from sustenance and survival is really the reason for eating.

After looking through the menu and the great local beer list I ended up with Vancouver Island Brewing’s Herman’s Dark Lager and a juicy medium rare burger. Yes, that is correct, burger served medium rare and no I am not sick and yes it was delicious. I had to resist the Polderside fried chicken which I have read so much about, but irrelevant of how amazing the other menu items look, including fried chicken, all I really want to eat is a burger with melted cheese and bacon. It also helped that the fries were hand cut and made fresh. The food was delicious, the beer menu was well thought out and that atmosphere was unpretentiously welcoming.

Thank you Refuel for serving a burger made with care that for once is not overcooked and for offering quality local beer that a beer loving food enthusiast can get excited about.



CAMRA Vancouver Award Winners

The CAMRA Vancouver Award winners were announced last week.  I was pleased to see many of my nominations amongst the winners.  I’m extremely proud of CAMRA Vancouver and its members for rewarding true attention to and passion for craft brewing.  Unlike many beer awards, these were given out by beer enthusiasts, which makes them more legitimate in my mind.  The winners:

Best Local Brewpub

Gold: Central City Brewing

Silver: Steamworks

Bronze: Dix Barbecue and Brewery

Best Local Beer Cafe, Pub, or Restaurant

Gold: Alibi Room

Silver: The Whip Restaurant & Gallery

Bronze: The Railway Club

Best Local Liquor Store

Gold: Brewery Creek Liquor Store

Silver: BCL 39th & Cambie

Bronze: Firefly Fine Wines & Ales

Best Local Cask Night

Gold: Dix Cask Thursdays

Silver: The Whip Real Ale Sundays

Bronze: Yaletown Making it Real (Ale)

Best Local Beer Event

Gold: Alibi Room 100th Beer Menu Rotation

Silver: Dix X-mas X-treme

Bronze: CAMRA on a Mission to Mission

Best BC Brewery

Gold: Phillips Brewing

Silver: Driftwood Brewery, Red Racer aka Central City Brewing (tie)

Best BC Beer

Gold: Red Racer IPA

Silver: Phillips Longboat Double Chocolate Porter

Bronze: Crannog Back Hand of God Stout

Best BC Seasonal Beer

Gold: Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA, Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale (tie)

Bronze: Phillips The Hammer Imperial Stout