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Delirium Cafe in Brussels

Delirium Cafe in Brussels set the record for having the biggest beer menu with a 2004 strong beer list (it was in 2004).  While quantity isn’t always indicative of quality, Delirium Cafe didn’t fail to impress in the quality department.  We visited shortly after we arrived in Brussels this past boxing day.  Our plan was to pop in for a snack and a first taste of Belgian beer on Belgian soil.  However, we ended up staying for five or so hours and left rather sozzled.  When in Belgium…

Me enjoying Delirium Cafe

Me enjoying Delirium Cafe

Giant beer menu delirium cafe

The giant beer menu

The cafe itself wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for.  It was underground, dark, and smoke filled, but the beer barrel tables and serving trays plastered to the ceiling grew on us quite quickly.  And who can turn their nose up at Delirium Nocturnum and Delirium Tremens on tap?  The textbook size beer catalogue was daunting, but made for good reading.  It was organized by country, so obviously we checked out Canada.  What did we find?  Molson Canadian for ten euros a can!  Seriously?  I’d be embarrassed if some non Canadian ordered this thinking it was a shining example of Canadian brewing.  At least there were also a few good examples from Quebec to boost our national esteem.

Molson Canadian at Delirium Cafe

Molson Canadian for 10 euros!

All in all, I’d say Delirium Cafe is a must visit for beer lovers.  The atmosphere is a bit off putting at first, but it’s quirkiness becomes enjoyable (the more you drink).  The bar staff weren’t particularly kind (actually, I found most servers in Belgium to be a big bunch of jerks) but they knew their stuff and expediently retrieved obscure beers from their massive storage cellar.  Who can argue with a 2004 strong beer selection, most with their own serving vessel?  Not I.  The cheese board was pretty special too, or maybe I was just really hungry.  I love cheese.



Trays on the ceiling at Delirium Cafe

Trays on the ceiling

Atmosphere at Delirium Cafe

The atmosphere

zErik at Delirium Cafe

Erik was also having a good time

Wives at Delirium Cafe

Couldn't shake the wives...