Monthly Archives: March 2011

Pizza and Beer in Vancouver

A new authentic Neapolitan pizzeria recently opened in Vancouver.   Located in Gastown, this new eatery is home to a traditional wood-fired pizza oven capable of producing the coveted 90 second pie.  It takes a hot oven to bake a pizza in 90 seconds; 900F is the magic number, and Nicli Antica Pizzaria’s oven is more than capable of this temperature.  The modern pizza originates from Napoli and the Specialità Tradizionale Garantita stipulates that authentic Neoplitan pizza must be formed by hand and baked in a hot oven at 900F for approximately 90 seconds.

Gastown is home to some of Vancouver’s best foodie destinations and many of these establishments offer a great selection of craft beer.  I am completely obsessed with good pizza, and nothing pairs better with good pizza than good beer.  I was over the top excited to a see a new pizzeria open in Gastown knowing that good beer should be available.

We visited Nicli Antica Pizzeria that past weekend and I can say this is the best pizza in Vancouver, bar none.  The pizza arrives at your table, in a perfectly imperfect circular shape, with a lightly charred and blistered crust.  The pie has a crispy exterior while remaining chewy and tender on the inside.  The chef follows the less is more approach and tops his pizza with the perfect amount of flavourful, cheeses, tomatoes, Italian cured meats and other traditional Italian pizza toppings.  Delicious.

The drink list boasts a small but good selection of craft beer.  Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, which compliments a thin crust pizza excellently, and R&B Bohemian Lager are both available on draught.  A number of other beers are also available in bottle form.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria makes the best pizza in Vancouver.  With craft beer on the drink menu this new Pizzeria is hard to beat.  I would encourage anyone who appreciates good food to make their way to Nicli Antica Pizzeria as soon as possible.