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You mean some beers aren’t vegetarian?

This is most definitely the case, as per the FAQ on the Fosters website.  I came across this interesting and under-publicised tidbit at, which is a WikiLeaks parody brought to us by Brewdog Brewing.  It appears their new website was recently shutdown, probably because the giant breweries threatened to sue the pants off them (their Twitter account has also gone quiet).  Amongst their claims that many big brand beers aren’t vegetarian (and they named some big names, one of which rhymed with Guinness, I mean, yeah it was Guinness), they also let it be known that most imports aren’t actually imported and that clear bottles lead to skunkification.  The last two I knew, but I didn’t think the giant evil beer companies would stoop so low as to trick vegetarians into betraying their principles.  So much for the Bavarian purity law, eh?  At least the solution to the problem is clear, people should stop being vegetarian, or at least switch to craft beer.

Fosters not vegetarian

Now containing dead animal!

I found about through this article on the 37signals blog about Brewdog’s struggle to become a top craft brewer.  It’s really good reading and so you should read it.