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The History of Beer Documentary

One of my co-workers, and possibly even friend (we’ll see), started a new website, which is a collection of lectures, debates, and documentaries he finds interesting.  Seeking to build traffic for his fledgling blog, he asked me (begged really, even offering unmentionable favours) to post this beer documentary here.  I wasn’t too keen, but then I watched it and found that it’s actually pretty good.  I take exception to the overly dramatic American announcer and upbeat background music, but the first half of the content is educational.  They even include quips from craft beer legends like Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn brewery.  The second half focuses on how the massive American breweries came to dominate the market with their pissy lagers. It’s still educational, but also a little bit depressing.  Never fear, there is a bit of craft beer enlightenment at the end, should you make it that far.

If you have 45 minutes and enough interest to learn about the history of beer in AmericaTown, enjoy: