East Van Update

Hi! My name is Gavin, and I’m the newest member of LGB. I’ll be responsible for some of the aesthetic changes you’ll see here in the next few weeks/months. I also live and work on the Powell/Cordova corridor, which gives me unhealthy access levels to some of Vancouver’s newest breweries.

So, to that effect, I’m gonna keep my first post short and sweet, and simply let you know what’s up in (North) East Van, as far as I see it (which isn’t very far… I’m a little guy, and I have trouble seeing over single story buildings).

1. Parellell 49 has realeased a Russian Imperal Stout (Yes, beer nerds know this, but I’m just laying it out for context, because…)

2. Parallel 49 is, at least experimenting with, freeze distilling said RIS to the high teens, and possibly early tweens (that’s 20% ABV). They were tapping it straight from the barrel when I rolled by to fill my growler (not with RIS unfortunately). If I do say so myself, it’s a ridiculously balanced, yet apparently/possibly (nobody from the LDB was there, so how could we know?!), high teens in terms of ABV. While I thought their first stab at the RIS could probably use 6-12 months aging to chill the f**k out, this was quite drinkable. I could drink a whole pint.

3. Powell Street is releasing their IPA tomorrow. No big deal, but they’ve got it pegged at 8% and 88 IBUs… not exactly your run of the mill IPA… More like an IIPA… but time will tell. I’ll be there.

4. I love what you’re doing East Van breweries, keep it up (also North Van and Main Street). Beer tourism? Bam.

Anyway, Cheers!


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