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Today St. Augustines celebrated their 500th tap list by stocking it with numerous fantastic beers.  You may already be too late to try many of them, but check out their live beer menu to see what’s still on.  They had Driftwood Singularity available in cask and it sold out in fifteen minutes.  We’ve also seen the last of Storm’s 15 year old Lambic, all drunk tonight.  Tomorrow you’ll still be able to have amazing beers by Deschutes (Abyss and Black Butte XXIV!), Upright, Uncommon, Elysian, Gigantic, Logsdon, and others on tap.  Checkout the St. Augustines Facebook page to see what you may have missed.

But why am I posting about this now?  No, I’m not just rubbing your nose in what passed you by, nor am I giving you a last chance warning to get over to St. Augustines tomorrow (though I kind of am).  What I’m really getting at is this, Alibi Room’s 400th Tap List is coming.  Last I was there, the menu was numbered in the 390s and I’ve heard rumours that 400 will drop in late February or early March.

What does this mean? An epic party and an epic beer list are on the horizon.  I didn’t make it to 200 or 300 because I was living overseas, but I did jealously read about how awesome they were.  I did get to 100 and it was a fantastic and raucous party.  I’ve heard the 400 list is going to blow away the previous centennial lists, possibly even featuring Cantillon on tap.

I’ve also heard, that unlike the three day affair that was 300, 400 is going to be a one day do.  I’m hoping it’s going to start at a reasonable time so I don’t have to pitch a tent outside the Alibi Room and camp overnight.  It would be great if they sold tickets for certain time slots, to avoid me and others fighting each other to get in.  And I will fight you, I’ll fight you hard.

One thing I do know for sure, a special 400th tap list beer was chosen via a home-brew competition.  They put a call out via VanBrewers and I heard they received something like 80+ entries within a week.  The winning beer, by Jeff Hay-Roe, will be brewed by Howe Sound in time for 400. Winner announced via this tweet.

alibi room 400 winning beer

Alibi Room announces the winner, image borrowed from twitter.

Anyway, it makes me very happy that St Augustines and the Alibi Room will have had 900 tap lists combined.  See you at 400, I’ll be the one offering up my first born child to get in first.



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  1. Chris Post author

    Alibi Room via Twitter: Announcement! February 18th will mark the beginning of our 4 day #400th Beer List celebration. 4 days. Open at 4pm. All 10oz glasses $4.

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