Love Good Beer

Brothers-in-law Erik and Chris started this blog back in 2008 because they love good beer and want to share their passion for it. Gavin joined in early 2013 and designed the new look.

Erik Wolfe

Erik is a marketing professional by day and a beer drinker all the time. He is also an experienced home brewer and an accomplished chef. He has an exceptional pallet and is very good at pairing beer and food.

Chris Richardson

Chris is a nerdy engineer currently working in web development. He fell in love with good beer after sampling some of Erik’s home-brew and has been obsessed ever since. Chris lived in London for two years and attempted to experience the best of European brewing. Follow him on Twitter.

Gavin Coulson

GavinGavin is an interactive designer and owner/operator of Squadcar Creative Labs. He’s designed and built websites for numerous BC breweries and also done quite a few beer labels. Gavin is a certified hophead and gets off on extreme beers. He also designed the current LGB theme.

Contact us

We can be reached via email, erik[at], chris[@], or gavin[@] or via our contact page, cheers.