When people find out we are into beer we inevitably get asked one question, that being “what’s your favorite beer?” The trouble is, we never know what to say. It’s a tall task to pick one favorite from all the great beers out there. Here we list some of our favorites, which can vary depending on the season, our moods, what we are eating, and other fickle factors. We intended to update this page fairly often, but we’ve been pretty slack. Feel free to contact us for current recommendations.

Chris’ Favorites:

You know what? Picking favourites is too hard and there are too many good beers out there to make a trivial list. What with new seasonals and one-offs showing up, then new beers discovered travelling, I don’t feel like I can maintain a serious list. I quit listing favourites, deal with it. That being said, I pretty much love everything by Driftwood, Red Racer, Deschutes, and Elysian, so try those. Also, support your local breweries.

Erik’s Favorites:

As with most who have a deep love affair with beer, I find it incredibly challenging to pick a favorite. The favorites listed below are my current favorites and will certainly change frequently; this list is not exhaustive in anyway.