Everyone has heard of a wine cellar, but beer cellars tend to be less commonly understood. Yes, beer can be cellared and high alcohol beer (> ~7.5%) age very well. Aged beer tastes much different that fresh beer; toffee, chocolate, cream and coffee are a few common flavours found in a cellared brew. We have put together this page dedicated to our cellars which we will update regularly with reviews, and new additions as our collections continue to grow and age. Please enjoy. Check out our notes on making your own cellar.

Erik’s Cellar

Over the past year I have emptied my cellar – it was fun. I find that most beer did not necessarily improve with age. Time just changes beer, and it is interesting to find out what the changes taste like. I’ve recently restocked a small cellar, and I plan to let most of these sit for a few months to a year. This is what I’m currently ageing:

Here is what was once in my Cellar:

  • Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron (2008)
  • Bush de Noel – Scaldis Noel (2008)
  • Gulden Draak (2008)
  • Bornem Tripel (2008)
  • Bornem Dubble (2008)
  • Augustijn Ale (2008)
  • Piraat Ale (2008)
  • Fullers Vintage Ale (2007)
  • Fullers Vintage Ale (2008)
  • Aventinus Wiezen Eisbock(2008)
  • Phillips Burley Barley Wine (2008)
  • Driftwood Brewing Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine (2008)
  • Spinnakers Jameson’s Scottish Ale (2008)
  • Brooklyn Brewing Local 1 (2008)
  • Home brew – Belgian Blonde Ale (2008)
  • Home brew – Nut Brown (2007)
  • Fat Cat Brewery – Old Bad Cat Barley Wine (2008)
  • Unibroue – 17

Chris’ Cellar

New cellar:

After returning from the UK, I’m finally ready to get a cellar going again. My apartment is pretty warm, but there is a spot by the office window that’s fairly cool most months of the year. I’ve put my (fancy) cardboard box there, but I’m going to have to do something more serious come summer when that room heats up. So far I’ve got:

Old cellar:

My Beer Fridge Cellar

My Beer Fridge Cellar

I recently purchased a new beer fridge to replace my humble cardboard box cellar because my garage was getting too warm. I posted about it. My cellar consists of very few beers at this point in time, but my stockpile will grow. The meager number of bottles in my cellar has to do with my lack of patience and the knowledge that Erik will probably share his aged goods with me:)

Note: What with moving overseas, I had to empty my cellar. Here’s the post about it.

My cellar once contained: